Operation Storm:

Japan’s Top Secret Submarines
and Their Plan to Change the Course of World War II

By John J. Geoghegan

On Sale March 19th, 2013

Operation Storm tells the true (but little known) story of a squadron of underwater aircraft carriers purpose-built by Japan to launch a surprise attack against New York City and Washington, DC as a follow up to Pearl Harbor. Two gigantic submarines each carrying three attack planes painted to look like U.S. aircraft were on their way to complete their mission when the war abruptly ended. When the squadron’s flagship went rogue, however, a lone American combat sub charged with hunting it down was faced with the unenviable choice of either sinking the Japanese sub, or somehow persuading her recalcitrant officers to surrender without restarting World War II.

Based on hundred of hours of interviews with the officers and crew who served aboard Japan’s giant underwater aircraft carriers as well as the U.S. submariners who pursued them, Operation Storm tells the story of the I-400s missions from conception to deployment including their frantic final hours as they fought to resist surrender. As a result, Operation Storm not only reveals new information never before published, it explains with striking verisimilitude what actually happened on a top secret mission never fully understood until now.

“A great historical read, scrupulously researched and brilliantly written. A marvelous insight into the men on both sides who fought a brutal underwater war in the Pacific in World War II.” –Clive Cussler

From The Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.

Operation Storm cover